I am humbled by the contribution of the hundreds of people who have played an important role in the development of À La Carte. This book has been made possible by the exceptional volunteers who contributed their professional services with dedication, commitment and passion. When I embarked on this journey, I set out to be surrounded by people who would provide their professional services pro bono to bring it to life.

I am forever grateful to have met you and to have been on this journey together: Neal Caminsky of Red Dream Studios, graphic designer par excellence; Riccardo Cellere, unparalleled photographer; Hanna Hajilou of À La Table by Hanna, best food stylist in the industry; Carolina Moens for taking on the enormously important role of getting a beautiful finished product ready for print; journalist Susan Schwartz for her eloquent editing; and Galia Zagury for her support, vote of confidence and multi-faceted expertise.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Thank you for sharing your professional expertise in shaping the nutrition and lifestyle content featured throughout the À La Carte cookbook. I am so proud to share your voice so that all families can reap the benefits of what leaders in nutrition and lifestyle have to offer.

Barbara Buch
Nick Drossos
Melissa Frankel
Bonnie Zylberberg

Graphic Design & Website Development

The graphic design and website development team devoted its passion and expertise to the development of the masterpiece that is À La Carte. Irena led me into the project by creating a beautiful design, Neal’s dedication took me through the bulk of the work and Carolina carried the torch to completion by putting into place the final layout design, graphic design and iconography for the book.

Neal Caminsky
Hillary Goddard
Irena Lesiv
Carolina Moens
Natalie Ostapovitch
Ana Garza Robillard
Lindsay Salis
Andrea Simmons
Meaghan Fallon-Theroux

Food Styling & Photography

It was an honour to have had the opportunity to work so closely with such an excellent team: They brought their expertise and their passion to every photo detail, on the website and in the book. Thank you for your endless patience and devotion to this project.

Riccardo Cellere
Hanna Hajilou

Photoshoot Session Planning

Thank you for helping us move with ease and in such a timely fashion from session to session.

Dawn-Marie Soulliere

Data Entry, Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, Quality Control and Indexing

I am grateful to the volunteers for their attention to detail. I am thankful for the endless hours of undivided attention you provided to ensure a flawless finished product. The beautiful writing style is a result of pure professionalism and a passion for creative writing in communicating the À La Carte story. A very special thank you to Tina Abbey and Carolyn Pinto, who led me into the initial editing and copywriting stages, to Lauren Cracower, Leslie Goldsmith, Andrea Simmons and Margaret Quinn for commitment to proofreading, to Susan Schwartz for dedication through to the final exclamation mark, and to J. Lynn Fraser for indexing skills, which make our recipes easily accessible.

Tina Abbey
Tamara Bar
Michelle Brott
Elana Bubis
Barbara Buch
Jordyn Chaimberg
Lauren Cracower
Lianne Crudo
Hanne Ellingsen
Michelle Fineberg
Elissa Frackt
J. Lynn Fraser
Leslie Goldsmith
Alana Greenberg
Serena Lederer

Jen Michelin
Ganit Novack
Stephanie Nusbaum
Sezal Patel
Carolyn Pinto
Margaret Quinn
Joy Rodgers
Susan Schwartz
Tracy Shafter
Amanda Silver
Andrea Simmons
Keri Takefman
Melanie Weinstock
Denise Zunenshine
Michael Zunenshine

Marketing, Media and Sales

I am grateful for the unbelievable reach this team generated through its creativity and professional network. The ongoing push and promotion of À La Carte has created incredible buzz, furthering my objective of maximizing fundraising for the hospital.

Andrea Abramovitch
Sharone Amram
Tamara Bar
Elana Bubis
Neal Caminsky
Lauren Cracower
Lianne Crudo
Nick Drossos
Michelle Fineberg
Maxine Foldiak
Amy Garfinkle
Lindsay Garfinkle
Alana Geller
Danielle Grill

Hanna Hajilou
Jo Notkin
Stephanie Nusbaum
Elif Özdemir
Stephanie Pantel
Marian Pinsky
Lindsay Salis
Andrea Simmons
Melanie Weinstock
Karen Wolff
Galia Zagury
Denise Zunenshine
Mindy Zunenshine
Bonnie Zylberberg

Chefs, Restaurateurs and Food Bloggers

Thank you for furthering this project as a truly community-based endeavour. I appreciate the time and attention you committed to ensuring that this book has the additional special features which make it a uniquely local project of impeccable quality.

Thomas Athanasopoulos
Matthew Bell
Charon Benchlouch
Tania Colleret
Alexandre Cossette
Danny Cousineau
Dan Geltner
Elaine Gordan
Hanna Hajilou
Peter Katsoudas
Mathias Lopez
Dino Luciano
Michael Makhan

Christopher Menard
Benjamin Greenberg
Jo Notkin
Lindsay Ostrom
Jordana Rebner
Federico Sanchez
Costas Spiliadis
George Spiliadis
Stacey Stivaletti
Monique Volz
Marta Wiseman
David Zaccardi
Raquel Zagury


Thank you for your kindness in sharing your expertise and in answering my questions. The project could not have been a success without your guidance.

I was devastated to hear of the passing of Norene Gilletz. Her kindness and warmth, on a personal and professional level, were so much a part of who she was. Norene will be deeply missed by all who knew her or her work.

Tina Abbey
Marcy Claman
Comedy Nest
C3 Events
Alana Geller
Jasmine Ghoddoussi
Norene Gilletz
Shawna Goodman

Yasmine Khalil
Karine Lefebvre
Marie-Claire Lorange
Farouk Mekideche
Andrea Simmons
Daniel St-Laurent
Denise Zunenshine

Special Thanks

Thank you for supporting me through the initial pitch of the cookbook mission and objectives and believing in my ability to exceed expectations.

Caroline Brownstein
Valerie Frost
Alessia Di Giorgio
Josie Pizzuco

Lauren Roberts
Nastassia Subban
Angela Vahaviolos

Recipe Contributors, Developers, Testers, Tasters and Quality Control

Thank you to the volunteers who submitted their families’ favourite recipes; to the recipe development team and testers who devoted their time and passion to narrowing down more than 450 recipe submissions to roughly 140 recipes; to the leaders who so warmly hosted events; and to all the wonderful people who came to the tasting events and provided constructive feedback that led to the tweaking of the recipes to be the best they could possibly be; to my testing partner, the LaSalle College Culinary Team c/o Ingrid Beauvais.

Tina Abbey
Evi Altman
Lea Altoba
Sharone Amram
Catherine Anderson
Valentin Angelov
Lauren Anzarouth
Linda Argalgi
Debra Aronson
Ronnie Aronson
Shira Aronson
Yarden Aronson
Efi Bar
Tamara Bar
Sean Benedik
Samara Berlach
Christian Bertelsen
Margaret Bertelsen
Brandee Berson
Damani Best
Rebecca Best
Rachelle Blaichman
Vicky Brikas
Judy Brown
Elana Bubis
Barbara Buch
Laurie Buch
Mark Buch
Canadim Team
Vergilio Caniedo
Alex Carin
Jeremy Carson
Veronique Chabarekh
Jordyn Chaimberg
Jodie Covet
Lauren Cracower
Lianne Crudo
Adina Derrick
Renaud Dery
Floredeliza Domondon
Floredeluna Domondon
Marcelina Domondon
Wyndel Domondon
Genevieve Duchesne
Elka Eklove

Hanne Ellingsen
Amanda Ennis
Marlee Felberbaum
Caroline Ferreira
Barb Field
Michelle Fineberg
Neil Fleischer
Maxine Foldiak
Elissa Frackt
Corey Frenkiel
Anna Fruchter
Irwin Fruchter
Shana Fruchter
Alana Geller
Leslie Goldsmith
Alana Greenberg
Leanne Greenberg
Charles Grill
Danielle Grill
Tyler Grill
Rita Gross
Erin Grunstein
Felix Gutierrez
Hanna Hajilou
Michael Hamou
Marie-Pier Hébert
Nicola Jasprica
Esther Kay
Dahlia Klein
Earl Klein
Frederik Klein
Holly Klein
Howard Klein
Hymie Klein
Sarah Klein
Shirley Klein
Steven Klein
Elizabeth Kolovsky
Jumar Lagutan
Jared Lapkovsky
Robert Law
David Lederer
Serena Lederer
Michelle Levine
Ali Lydynia

Debbie Lydynia
Ashley Malet
Au Mallari
Joy Malorni
Jenny Mamalian
Esther Mamane
Ben Matlin
Brenden Melnik
Rianna Melnik
Randy Mendel
Bernice Mendelsohn
Marla Mendelsohn
Cindy Morantz
Jack Morantz
Judy Morantz
Norman Morantz
Irena Moss
Joelle Neish
Noah Neudorf
Ganit Novack
Meagan Novack
Stephanie Nusbaum
Joy Nyveen
Julia Ortiz
Lauren Ortiz
Ryan Ortiz
Elif Özdemir
Sezal Patel
Karine Peirron
Gadi Pollack
David Potofsky
Mel Potofsky
Wendy Potofsky
Aren Prupas
Jordana Rebner
Marco Reda
Jordy Reichson
Joy Rodgers
Holly Ross
Ashley Rotchin
Ryan Rotchin
Rena Rozenek
Lindsay Salis
Elaine Samsonovitch
Ryva Schechter

Julie Schlesinger
Ricky Schnurbach
Jamie Schreter
Shari Segal
Mike Serour
Tracy Shafter
Nahreen Sheeno
Amanda Silver
Jodi Silver
Ryan Silver
Steve Silver
Andrea Simmons
Avi Spector
Sheri Spunt
Danny Steinberg
Alex Steiner
Heather Strulovitch
Brandon Svarc
Sandy Tabori
Eve Tal
Natalie Tassé
Phil Taylor
Erin Tevel
Michael Tevel
Ngan Trinh
Raj Uttamchandani
Deyana Velkova
Jen Vineberg
Lauren Walsh
Jeffrey Weinstein
Adam Weinstock
Melanie Weinstock
Taryn Weinstock
Jennifer Wiebe
Colin Wishart
Heather Young
Adam Zaby
Sylvia Zagury
Lauren Zipkin
Jack Zryl
Jessica Zryl
Denise Zunenshine
Jaime Zunenshine
Mindy Zunenshine
Bonnie Zylberberg

Junior Tasters, Testers and Decision Makers

Zach Abitbol
Angelo Altoba
Carl Aaron Altoba
Jacob Bar
Benjamin Benedik
Liam Benedik
Naomi Benedik
Yoav Benhaim
Avery Bernstein
Ellie Bernstein
Neeve Bernstein
Ella Bertelsen
Sumi Bertelsen
Cassidy Bertucci
Dezryn Best
Ukiah Best
Jamie Bouganim
Noa Bouganim
Sarah Bouganim
Cammie Buch
Casey Buch
Charlie Buch
Elijah Blake Caniedo
Kyle Carson
Noah Carson

Corrina Cellere
Rocco Cellere
Liv Chaimberg
Dylan Chokron
Sasha Chokron
Shay Chokron
Noa Dery
Raphael Dery
Romi Dery
Coby Fleischer
Connor Fleischer
Aimee Frenkiel
Harrison Grill
Rafael Gutierrez-Özdemir
Xavier Gutierrez-Özdemir
Mila Hamou
Zachary Hamou
Hannah Klein
Lauren Klein
Madison Klein
Noah Klein
Ryan Klein
Arianne Lagutan
Julia Lagutan
Tyler Law

Bella Lederer
Dylan Lederer
Sophie Lederer
Gaby Levy
Alex Manitt
Hannah Manitt
Leo Manitt
Leo Moskovic
Levi Nataf
Liv Nataf
Brody Neudorf
Logan Neudorf
Tyler Neudorf
Jordan Pollack
Josh Pollack
Jordyn Potofsky
Nate Potofsky
Avi Prupas
Eli Prupas
Leo Prupas
Solomon Prupas
Lily Reda
Luca Reda
Olivia Reda
Gaby Reichson

Zachary Reichson
Aubrey Rotchin
Lonnie Rotchin
Mylo Rotchin
Daniel Schnurbach
Katie Schnurbach
Sammy Schnurbach
Emily Spector
Callie Stein
Jaymie Steinberg
Tyler Steinberg
Noa Sternthal
Oliver Svarc
Ruby Svarc
Tori Taylor
Will Taylor
Christopher Velkova
Anderson Weinstein
Marshall Weinstein
Brian Weinstock
Jason Weinstock
Sophie Weinstock
James Wishart